2024 GWM Haval H6 Hybrid review (2024)

The GWM Haval H6 Hybrid (HEV) was one of the first proper competitors to the top-selling Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

After years of inaction from other manufacturers, GWM launched the petrol-electric H6 HEV back in 2022 to cash in on growing demand for hybrid mid-size SUVs. Given how many you see on the roads these days the brand has clearly cashed in on pent-up demand.

The game has moved on though, with more rivals launching and economic pressures forcing incremental price rises. Has the 2024 GWM Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid (HEV) lost its shine a little?

Now priced at just under $46,000 drive-away, the flagship H6 HEV still represents strong value. If you want something cheaper, you can save $3500 and get the Lux HEV at the expense of some equipment items. Both variants are still priced well below most electrified competitors.

But with the Kia Sportage Hybrid now hitting showrooms priced from around $45,000 plus on-roads, and an updated Hyundai Tucson debuting the Sportage’s drivetrain in the coming months, GWM might want to be a little worried…

As the big-name OEMs start to catch up on the hybrid bandwagon, should you still consider the H6 HEV on your hybrid SUV shopping list?

How does the

Haval H6


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Haval H6

against similarly sized vehicles.

2024 GWM Haval H6 Hybrid review (2)



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How much does the GWM Haval H6 cost?

Pricing for the H6 Ultra Hybrid hasn’t changed since launch, still listing for $45,990 drive-away.

If you want a cheaper option, the company has introduced a more attainable mid-spec Lux Hybrid from $42,490 drive-away – representing a $3500 saving if you don’t need all the kit.

2024 GWM Haval H6 pricing:

  • 2024 GWM Haval H6 Premium 2WD: $33,990
  • 2024 GWM Haval H6 Lux 2WD: $36,990
  • 2024 GWM Haval H6 Ultra 2WD: $39,990
  • 2024 GWM Haval H6 Lux Hybrid 2WD: $42,490
  • 2024 GWM Haval H6 Ultra 4WD: $42,990
  • 2024 GWM Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid 2WD: $45,990

Prices are drive-away

To see how the H6 lines up against the competition, check out our comparisons tool.

What is the GWM Haval H6 like on the inside?

As has been the case since launch, the top-spec H6’s cabin presents well on first glance with fake leather lining most surfaces, large high-resolution displays, and a minimalistic approach to physical switchgear.

It shows just how far the Chinese brands have come in such a short time, though there are still some key areas for improvement that will no doubt be fixed with the next generation.

Hop in the driver’s seat and you’ll almost immediately notice the awkward positioning relative to the steering wheel. I typically like a low seating position and have long legs, but the van-like upward-facing steering wheel and oddly shaped driver’s seat mean it’s quite difficult to get comfortable – something echoed by colleagues.

Raising the seat base with a more upright backrest seemed to make it more bearable for my long-legged 6’1 frame, though I did feel as if I was forcing myself into the seat base and after longer drives would feel some soreness under the thigh and glutes.

Behind the steering wheel is a free-standing 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster that has a futuristic layout with fairly limited configurability. You can toggle the readouts on either side using the steering wheel buttons, but it lacks the personalisation and pizazz of something like Volkswagen’s Digital co*ckpit.

Perceived material and build quality generally are pretty good, with the aforementioned leatherette complemented by soft-touch plastics and gloss black trim for a classy, clean look – mind the fingerprints – and everything feels very well screwed together.

The 12.3-inch central touchscreen runs the infotainment system and also acts as the control centre for the HVAC. If you leave the native interface running with your phone connected via Bluetooth it works fine, although it’s quite basic in that there’s no embedded satellite navigation or DAB radio.

If you plug your phone in via USB for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (no wireless), you need to exit the smartphone mirroring to access the climate controls. While changing the temperature isn’t something you need to do constantly, the air recirculation function is buried in this touchscreen menu, though thankfully the front and rear de-misters are physical buttons on the centre stack.

There’s decent storage about with modular cupholders, a shelf for your phone and built-in wireless phone charger, a hidden cubby under the centre tunnel, as well as a deep bin under the padded and stitched centre armrest. It also has decent-sized door pockets that can fit regular bottles, so most of your odds and ends have somewhere to go.

The second row is where the GWM Haval H6 really starts to shine. It’s still easily one of the most spacious second-row seats in the segment, and will appeal to growing families with lanky teenagers or those carting taller friends often – if you want more space for less money, this is a great option.

I fit comfortably behind my driving position, and there’s good width so you can seat three abreast in decent comfort. The flat centre seat cushion and minimal centre tunnel hump only further this, but the flat seating area and the slippery leatherette trim means the kids might be playing corners quite a bit.

Rear amenities include directional air vents, two USB charge points, map pockets behind both front seats, bottle holders in the doors, as well as a fold-down centre armrest with extra cupholders.

Kids are catered for with ISOFIX anchors on the outboard seats, as well as top-tether points across all three rear positions.

Behind those rear seats is one of the largest cargo areas in segment. Haval quotes600 litreswith the second row in use, expanding to1485Lwith them folded.

It’s a nice square load area, and when the rear seats are folded it’s a relatively flat surface which helps stow longer, heavier items. Unfortunately there’s no remote releases for the second row in the boot area like some rivals.

Haval doesn’t fit a spare wheel of any kind under the boot floor of the H6 Hybrid, instead offering a tyre repair kit.

Non-hybrid versions of the H6 get a space-saver spare, which is also offered by the likes of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Kia Sportage Hybrid – this is a consideration if you head out of town often.

What’s under the bonnet?

Unlike the petrol-powered H6 Ultra, the HEV is front-wheel drive (2WD) only.

ModelGWM Haval H6 HEV
Engine1.5L 4cyl turbo
Engine power110kW (5500-6000rpm)
Engine torque230Nm (1500-4000rpm)
Electric motor power130kW
Electric motor torque300Nm
Total system power179kW
Total system torque530Nm
Battery packUndisclosed capacity, Li-ion
Driven wheelsFront-wheel drive
Fuel economy5.2L/100km
Fuel economy (as tested)6.5L/100km
Minimum fuel requirement91 RON

Our indicated fuel consumption figure was achieved in commuter conditions, including a mix of high-traffic city and suburban driving mixed in with some freeway stints.

How does the GWM Haval H6 drive?

I’m not a particular fan of the petrol-only GWM Haval H6, and like the smaller Jolion if there was any variant I’d be recommending it’d be the hybrid.

Compared to a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the Haval is able to get up to higher speeds from take-off using just the electric motor, and you don’t have to be gentle on the throttle to avoid waking the petrol engine. This is thanks to the more energy-dense lithium-ion battery and more powerful electric motor.

When the turbo engine does fire up and assist the electrified bits, there’s good insulation from vibration and noise, and it feels like the Haval’s drivetrain is better at shuffling between power sources for more linear acceleration.

Having a turbocharger also means there’s more engine torque down low and less juxtaposition between the response of the two different power sources.

The petrol engine is also less vocal under load than Toyota’s unit, and if you hoof it away from the lights the quoted 520Nm of combined torque is gradually put down to avoid lighting up the front tyres too much. I was actually quite impressed on the couple of occasions I really floored it that the FWD-only Haval got along nicely.

On the move the cabin is more hushed than key rivals and the suspension tune is tuned for comfort. That translates to a tall, lean-happy feeling in the bends if you throw the Haval at some corners, but this isn’t trying to put the ‘sport’ in ‘sports utility vehicle’.

The Haval H6 feels like a big, high-riding SUV from behind the wheel, from the perceived width and length to the driver controls and feeling of solidity at speed. For those who like that big-car feel, this will be a plus. For those perhaps wary of moving into an SUV who prefer the more athletic feel of a passenger car, it’s something to think about.

Like I mentioned earlier, the awkward driving position doesn’t help you feel particularly connected with the H6 either. There’s this awkward feeling of sitting on top of the car rather than in it, but not in the way a Land Rover gives you a commanding driving position, for example. It also makes longer trips a little tiresome.

The H6 Hybrid is softly sprung and the driver controls are pretty light. It’s all calibrated to be driven smoothly and efficiently with a focus on comfort. It mostly delivers on this too, irrespective of my issues with the driving position. The Chinese SUV impresses with its acceptably polished and refined on-road experience.

Less impressive is the Haval’s driver assistance suite, with the same quirks we’ve experienced previously – though it’s better than the smaller Jolion.

The adaptive cruise and lane centring functions should make for semi-autonomous highway driving but are far too sensitive and have a habit of over-assisting. I often found myself taking over and doing the job myself.

Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert functions are competitive with rival systems, however, and the excellent surround camera system offers benchmark clarity on the central display. You shouldn’t have any issues parking this thing and the 3D view is a very BMW-esque touch that’s a neat party trick.

The rotary shift-by-wire control does, however, take a bit of getting used to and can often be fiddly when trying to do something a like a three-point turn because there’s no haptic feedback to tell you when you’ve hit Reverse or Drive.

What do you get?

There are two variants of GWM Haval H6 Hybrid (HEV).

H6 Lux HEV highlights:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Comfort-Tek leather seats
  • 8-way electric driver seat incl. lumbar support
  • Heated front seats
  • 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster
  • 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • 8-speaker DTS sound system
  • Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • Auto anti-glare rear-view mirrors
  • Power-adjustable, electric folding side mirrors
  • 7 airbags incl. front-centre airbag
  • Adaptive cruise control with stop/go
  • Intelligent Cornering Control
  • Emergency Lane Keep
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane-keep assist
  • Lane centring assist
  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
    • Pedestrian, cyclist detection
    • Crossroads assist
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Rear collision warning
  • Door Open Warning
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Driver fatigue detection
  • Front, rear parking sensors
  • 360-degree cameras

H6 Ultra HEV adds:

  • 19-inch Vortex alloy wheels
  • 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment display
  • Head-up display
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Semi-autonomous parking assist
  • Interior ambient lighting
  • Power tailgate
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Heated, ventilated front seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Wireless phone charging
  • 4-way power passenger’s seat

Is the GWM Haval H6 safe?

The H6 wears a five-star ANCAP safety ratingbased on tests conducted in Australia against 2022 criteria.As of June 16, 2022, this rating has been extended to include H6 Hybrid and H6 GT models.

It managed 90 per cent for adult occupant protection, 88 per cent for child occupant protection, 73 per cent for vulnerable road user protection and 81 per cent for safety assist.

Safety features include:

  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
    • Pedestrian and Cyclist detection
    • Junction assist
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane-keep assist
  • Lane centring assist
  • Adaptive cruise control with stop/go
  • Traffic Jam Assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Rear cross-traffic assist
  • Driver attention monitoring
  • Safe exit warning
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • 360-degree camera system
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • 7 airbags incl. front-centre inflator

How much does the GWM Haval H6 cost to run?

GWM Haval offers aseven-year, unlimited-kilometre warrantywith five years of roadside assist. For hybrid models, you also get eight years of cover for the high-voltage battery with no mileage cap.

The first service is required after 12 months or 10,000km – whichever comes first – but from there the intervals are 12 months or 15,000km.

According the GWM’s capped-price service plan, the first five visits will cost $225, $250, $400, $550 and $225 respectively for the H6 HEV, coming to a total of $1650.

With an average of $330 per annum on servicing, the GWM Haval H6 is competitive for the segment. Not quite as cheap as Honda or Toyota, though.

CarExpert’s Take on the GWM Haval H6

It may not be as cheap as it once was, but the H6 HEV is still a lot of family SUV for the money.

Sharp looks, a strong drivetrain along with heaps of features and space make this SUV a solid alternative to established nameplates if you’re hunting for the best bang for buck.

The $6000 premium over the equivalent petrol-only H6 Ultra is a bit steep, but the HEV’s drivetrain is superior to the 2.0-litre turbo both in refinement and efficiency making it a no brainer if you’re looking at the H6. It’s as quick, smoother and will almost halve your fuel use in everyday driving scenarios.

While the Ultra packs in flagship levels of spec for low- to mid-grade money, my advice is to save some coin and opt for the H6 Lux HEV, which is $3500 cheaper and doesn’t miss out on anything you really need.

The game continues to move on though, and as the legacy brands catch up with electrified options the Haval’s shine may start to fade.

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2024 GWM Haval H6 Hybrid review (2024)


What are the negatives of Haval? ›

But there are downsides – even though it's more affordable than a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, it can't come close to the Toyota's real-world fuel efficiency. While presenting well, its cabin doesn't feature the nicest in materials, and there are some ride-quality issues too.

Can Haval be trusted? ›

The Haval H2 has received a 5-star safety rating from C-NCAP and ANCAP, thanks to its dual frontal, side, and curtain airbags, ABS braking with EBD, and other safety features. The car's safety collision evaluation system meets all the global market requirements, according to Haval's vice president, Samuel Chen.

Is Haval using a Toyota engine? ›

Yes, you pay a ~$5,000 premium over a standard Haval H6 Ultra, but you get a Toyota rivalling engine. Powering the H6 Hybrid is a 1.5L turbo charged petrol engine, which outputs 110 kW of power and 230 Nm of torque.

What is the ranking of Haval H6 in China? ›

In 2023, the H6 ranked as the sixth best-selling SUV in China, with sales totaling 226,024 units.

What are the faults with HAVAL? ›

However, buying such a car at a low price has come with a number of issues, which have included: poor-quality build, parts falling off or damaged at delivery, GPS/radio unit that fails to routinely work, poor follow-up service, and rude staff at Haval head office to name a few.

Is the Haval H6 a reliable car? ›

Other than that I have found the Haval H6 a good wagon to drive without any mechanical problems or failures. If you want a lot of technology then this is the car for you.

Is HAVAL owned by Range Rover? ›

Haval (Chinese: 哈弗; pinyin: Hāfú; stylized in all caps) is an automotive brand owned by the Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors (GWM) that specializes in crossovers and SUVs. Haval was spun-off from a product line of GWM to a standalone brand in March 2013. As of 2024, Haval is the most popular among all brands owned ...

Does BMW own HAVAL? ›

HAVAL is owned by Great Wall Motors. Great Wall Motors are based in Baoding, China, and specialise in SUV and ute production.

What is the HAVAL crash rating? ›

The GWM Haval Jolion has today been awarded the maximum five-star safety rating by ANCAP, Australasia's independent voice on vehicle safety.

Is HAVAL in the USA? ›

Globally, HAVAL has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Russia, Australia, South Africa, India and the United States, and formed sales network in more than 60 countries and regions. With more than 500 distributors, HAVAL ranks the first among Chinese brands in auto export volume in more than 30 countries.

How much is the HAVAL hybrid 2024? ›

As far as new petrol-electric mid-size SUVs go, the 2024 GWM Haval H6 Hybrid is right up there in terms of value. Pricing starts from $42,490 drive-away for the entry-level H6 Lux Hybrid, which has loads of equipment and still undercuts the Toyota RAV4 GX Hybrid (from $42,260 before on-road costs are added).

Who makes the Haval H6 engine? ›

The Haval H6 is produced at the new production base of Great Wall Motors, located in Tianjin, China, which inaugurated its mass production in February 2011. It is also assembled (from knock-down kits) at the Litex Motors factory in Bahovitsa, Bulgaria, from where it is exported to other markets in the European Union.

What is the best selling Haval? ›

Its top performer was the GWM Haval H6 with 1294 monthly sales, making it the sixth top-selling medium SUV in the country with 8.7 per cent segment share, comfortably outgunning the Honda CR-V (781) and Subaru Forester (687). Next was the GWM Ute dual-cab with 946 sales, of which 936 units were more expensive 4x4s.

Which Chinese car brand is best? ›

The Top 5 Chinese Automotive OEMs to Know in 2024
  • 1/ BYD. Despite seemingly exploding onto the world scene overnight BYD has its origins as a battery producer founded in 1995 before beginning to produce cars in 2005. ...
  • 2/ Geely. ...
  • 3/ SAIC Motor. ...
  • 4/ Changan. ...
  • 5/ CATL.
Feb 19, 2024

Is Haval a good brand? ›

Haval is a top 10 selling brand in its native China, and is the specialist SUV division of Great Wall Motors. Haval offers a range of high-value, low-cost family SUVs that deliver a knockout punch when it comes to equipment, especially when compared to traditional rivals.

Is HAVAL a safe car? ›

Safety Rating

As per the ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) the Haval Jolion scored 5 stars when it was tested in 2022. You can read the results here. The testing applies to all variants of the Jolion so the Jolion S will be included in such ratings.

Is HAVAL a good brand? ›

Haval is a top 10 selling brand in its native China, and is the specialist SUV division of Great Wall Motors. Haval offers a range of high-value, low-cost family SUVs that deliver a knockout punch when it comes to equipment, especially when compared to traditional rivals.

Does HAVAL have a good resale value? ›

Haval H6 Lux

In 2018 the top model was the front-wheel drive Lux, featuring a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. Prices started from just $33,990 when new, making it one of the most affordable options at the time. Now, the resale guide is between $16,200 and $18,350, for an average of $17,275.

Does HAVAL use Mitsubishi engines? ›

The gasoline-fuelled Great Wall Haval H3 uses the Mitsubishi 4G69 Sirius series straight-4 automobile engine.


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