Best Times to Go to Disney World for Fewer Crowds and Beautiful Weather (2024)

Deciding when to visit the "Most Magical Place on Earth," Walt Disney World, depends on what matters most to you. Looking to spot the Mickey pumpkins that line Main Street, U.S.A., during Halloween season? How about visiting when the temperatures are at their coolest, or avoiding school break crowds? These are general guidelines for when to plan a trip to Disney.

  • High Seasons: March to April and June to August
  • Shoulder Seasons: December to February, plus the month of May
  • Low Season: September to November

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Best Times to Visit Disney World for Smaller Crowds

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation involves booking theme park tickets, making lunch or dinner reservations, and deciding which rides to try and when. The last thing you want to add to that list is navigating heavy crowds.

While Disney parks consistently draw guests year round, there are a few times to visit that are typically less crowded. In the winter, any date outside of the busy weeks of Christmas and New Year's can be fairly quiet. A trip at this time of year has the added bonus of cooler temperatures or, to superfans, "Spirit Jersey weather." September is the month when Disney World is the least crowded. Once school breaks wind down towards the end of August, the park empties out; after Labor Day, Disney World is usually as close to empty as it ever gets. The park used to remain uncrowded throughout the fall, but the growing popularity of Disney's Halloween offerings means that October is increasingly busy.

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Best Times to Visit Disney World for Good Weather

Florida is the Sunshine State, with the Orlando region seeing 300 sunny days each year. July and August are often very hot, with occasional triple-digit temperatures, but from September to June, you can usually expect relatively pleasant conditions at Disney World.

Temperatures are at their coolest — often as low as 50°F — in January. (Yes, it can get chilly in Florida!) While this may limit some activities, like visiting your resort’s pool or one of Disney's water parks, it does make for a more comfortable time in the theme parks. The winter months are also typically low in precipitation, so chances are you'll avoid the afternoon thunderstorms common in Florida summers — along with the need for pricey ponchos and umbrellas. To take advantage of this mild winter weather, visit between January and March.

Best Times to Visit Disney World for Lower Prices

The most important piece of any Disney vacation is theme park tickets. Disney World uses a dynamic ticket pricing system, meaning park ticket prices are tiered and will cost less during slower times. One-day, one-park admission starts at $109 but can increase significantly from there, especially if you're visiting on a holiday or busy weekend. A visit on Christmas Day, for instance, will set you back $164 per ticket.

Off-peak times fall around January, February, September, and early November (outside of school breaks). Discounts on vacation packages booked directly through Disney (which combine park tickets and hotel stays) can be found year-round, though they're most common at these less-crowded times. The same tends to apply to deals on accommodations and airfare.

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Best Times for Adults to Visit Disney World

Walt Disney World can be an adult’s playground all year round, with standout dining and a host of experiences specifically catering to grown-up guests. One of the best times for adults to visit, though, is late summer and early fall, when summer-break crowds give way to (relatively) uncrowded autumn bliss. This time of year also coincides with the start of (late August through November). At the park's longest-running and largest festival, you can nibble on globally inspired bites from dozens of outdoor kitchens. As the sun sets, enjoy concerts from national acts as part of the Eat to the Beat concert series, included in admission.

One of Disney's most underrated festivals, the Epcot International Festival of the Arts celebrates culinary, performing, and visual arts and falls mid-January through February, the least popular months to go to Disney. The Festival of the Arts is more intimate than Food & Wine and delivers standout eats and entertainment, plus cooler temperatures for those who dislike the heat.

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Best Times to Visit Disney World for Families

Holidays at Disney are truly magical. While there will be more crowds than usual, the reward is a whimsical transformation of the parks and limited-time offerings — from incredible decor to delicious seasonal foods. Kids will also love Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, the after-hours special events that take over Magic Kingdom in the final months of each year. Tickets for these parties follow a dynamic pricing system just like standard park admission, so if you want to attend, plan your visit outside of each holiday's peak dates. While attending a Halloween party in August or a Christmas party in November may seem odd, families can enjoy hefty savings by embracing the festive spirit at unorthodox times.

Summer is ideal if your crew prefers to spend mornings on the rides and afternoons by the pool. How early you should go to Disney depends on everyone's tolerance for the heat. Deluxe resorts — like Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa — offer the most elaborate pool complexes, complete with slides and poolside lounges. If taking full advantage of your resort’s amenities is a priority, a summertime stay may give you the best experience, despite its higher price tag.

Worst Times to Visit Disney World

A summertime Disney trip is a rite of passage for many families, but various factors can make the season less than ideal. It's very hot — with temperatures often in the 90s and humidity around 70 percent — and the most expensive and crowded time to visit Disney World. If you want to save money and avoid unpleasant long lines, the best months to go to Disney will not be June, July, or August.

The winter months can offer good deals and emptier parks, but it will likely be too cold to swim or enjoy the water parks. Also, note that the weeks surrounding Christmas are some of the busiest (and priciest) of the year.

Best Times to Go to Disney World for Fewer Crowds and Beautiful Weather (2024)


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