Ian Roussel Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Full Custom Garage (2024)

Ian Roussel is a popular television personality, businessman, as well as a talented car builder from the United States of America. He is known for his fabulous custom cars which are built according to the demands of his clients.

His exceptional skills and out of box thinking make him one of the best custom car builders in the entire country. Roussel is a famous name in the car designing industry. Ian has grabbed the attention of many people from all over the globe.

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Full Custom Garage is the name of his show which airs on MAVTV and has a huge fan following. In the year 2018, in his show Kustom Cars, he tries to build a hot rod from the things he gets in a junkyard.

If you want to know some inside information and unknown trivia about this amazing personality, then stay tuned till the very end!

Ian Roussel Wiki Bio

Ian Roussel is a well-known car builder who is known for building different types of vehicles by considering the overall requirements of his clients. In the United States of America, his custom cars are in demand due to the great quality of his work.

Ian Roussel was born on November 19, 1970 (49 years old) in Sunland, California, US. He grew up and spent most of his childhood in his hometown only with family members and siblings. He is Christian by religion and holds American citizenship.

He has not disclosed information about his parents and siblings to fans worldwide. We will update you about any hot updates after getting the relevant information from our trusted sources.

Career & Background

Ian Roussel has not revealed much information about his career background to the media. As per the recent sources, it has been proved that he has completed his education from a reputable school as well as a university. Ian had the perfect days of his childhood, as his parents let him do all the stuff, he was interested in.

That gave him the best opportunity to nourish his talent and skills, which has helped him secure professionalism in his interest and consequently turn that interest into a career.

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He always wanted to be a car manufacturer at a younger age and got moral as well as financial support from his family members. Currently, he is working as a custom car builder in the USA and living with his wife. He also has his TV series named Full Custom Garage airing on MAVTV. No more information is available regarding his career days and educational background for now.

Ian Roussel Girlfriend/Wife

Ian Roussel is not single anymore and happily married but he has not mentioned the name of his wife on social media sites to fans all around the world. Ian Roussel is one of the most popular and respectable car builders in the USA. He is known for her great contribution to several popular cars.

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His wife gained fame and high popularity only after getting married to him. The couple is staying happily in their stunning home in California and focusing on their bright future. The couple is still not blessed with any children, and they have very less family photos on social media sites.

There are currently no rumors about their separation or relationship issues as of now any further news will be updated for sure.

Net Worth: Ian Roussel

Ian Roussel has earned a lot in his career and is known for his great works in the custom car field. The net worth of Ian Roussel is around $1 million and is expected to be more in the coming years. He believes in donating money to the needy ones and is also associated with many charitable institutions of the USA and New Zealand.

His monthly salary is not revealed yet but we will update you here very soon.

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Ian Roussel Height & Body Measurements

Ian Roussel is a fitness person. You will understand his passion for fitness when you scroll through his social media feed. He focuses mainly on the gym and weight training. His exact height is not known but is expected to be around 5’8. He is having average height but has a well-built physique. His eye color is brown and he likes to keep his head bald.

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He has been spotted many times with his wife working out together. Both are following their fitness goals and also following a strict diet routine.

Ian Roussel is quite active on social media sites and has a great fan following on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

He has faced a lot of struggles in his life but never gave up on his dreams. He has uploaded many photos of his work on his Instagram account. If you are eager to know about all his life updates, then you can follow him on his social media account.

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Ian Roussel Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Full Custom Garage (2024)


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