Mad for Meringue: 19 Delicious Meringue Recipes (2024)

Move over cupcakes, meringues are making a big statement on the dessert front. Similar to the macaron, these fat-free little confections are perfect for sticking to those healthy eating resolutions. Meringues can be dipped in chocolate, combined with fresh fruit or made into a gorgeous cream-filled dessert like a pavlova. Here we have recipes of the most delicious meringue desserts!

1. Pistachio Pavlova with Poached Kumquats: A delicate meringue flavored with pistachios and topped with lemon curd and candied kumquats will be a colorful dessert to brighten up your next dinner! (via Canelle et Vanille)

2. Chocolate Swirl Meringue Cookies: Whip up some egg whites, swirl in some chocolate and you get these gorgeous little cookies. It doesn’t get much better than that. (via Baker’s Royale)

3. Pavlova With Rose Water Whipped Cream: If you are craving some spring and the weather will not cooperate, try this airy dessert with a hint of floral that feels light yet decadent at the same time. (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Honeycomb, Chocolate and Almond Pavlova: Adding chocolate to meringue results in a chewier texture and a thinner disc which means you can add three tiers. The honeycomb is an unexpected flavor and the perfect accent to the chocolate and almonds. (via What Katie Ate)

5. Cherry Pavlova: If stacking layers sounds intimidating, then this is the meringue dessert for you. Part of the magic of meringue is that you can sculpt it into just about any form you want, including a pretty bowl that you can fill with cream, fruit and chocolate shavings. (via Call Me Cupcake)

6. Coffee Meringue Ice Cream Cake: What is it about ice cream cake that brings out the kid in us? Here is a more adult version where the sugary airiness of the meringue perfectly contrasts the richness of coffee ice cream. (via Martha Stewart)

7. Pink Swirl Meringues with Pomegranate Syrup: The pink pomegranate syrup swirling through these white clouds of meringue has us dreaming of afternoons in Paris. Top with piles of whipped cream and fresh pomegranate seeds for an adventure in texture. (via Drizzle and Dip)

8. Mascarpone Meringue Cake: Melt-in-your-mouth layers of buttercream, toasted meringue, chocolate ganache and the incredible richness of mascarpone make this black-and-white “cake” pure decadence. (via Sweetapolita)

9. Orange Blossom Meringues With Dark Chocolate Swirl: Thanks to the orange blossom water, when you bake these meringues the whole kitchen will be filled with the wonderful fragrance of orange and melted chocolate. (via Hummingbird High)

10. Raspberry Meringue Sandwiches With Whipped Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling: These meringue flowers are breathtaking and perfect for spring. It might take a little practice with a piping tip to get these perfect roses right, but the end result is absolutely worth the effort. (via Baking a Moment)

11. Rose Water Meringue Kisses: Meringues don’t have to be a big fancy dessert. Sometimes simple is better, like these little rose water kisses that you could enjoy plain or stuck together with chocolate ganache to make little meringue sandwiches. (via Cooking Melangery)

12. Nutella Meringues: How is it possible that one ingredient can make any recipe instantly perfect? Fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth meringue with thick swirls of Nutella. Perfection. (via Cream Puffs in Venice)

13. Raspberry Meringue Torte: Paired with a berry mousse and tart apricot filling, these little individual desserts are heavenly and a breeze to put together. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

14. Banoffee Pavlova: On the richer end of desserts, this pavlova is inspired by the classic English banoffee pie and pulls together vanilla meringue, dulce de leche, fresh bananas and whipped cream into a sweet concoction. (via Coco e Baunilha)

15. Meyer Lemon, Berry, Thyme and Yogurt Pavlova: If you are craving citrus, this refreshing dessert combines a variety of bright flavors: fresh berries and thyme, rich lemon curd and tart Greek yogurt on a bed of airy vanilla meringue. (via La Peche Fraiche)

16. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Ganache Pavlova: No recipe roundup would be complete without a drizzle of salted chocolate; the light meringue and mascarpone filling is a nice contrast to the richness of salted caramel. (via Little Artisan Kitchen)

17. Chocolate-Dipped Cherry Meringues: Flavored with maraschino cherry juice, each of these meringue bites is dipped in dark chocolate for a special little treat. (via Lemons for Lulu)

18. Double Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova: Raspberry and chocolate are one of those made-in-heaven flavor combinations. Chocolate meringue discs stacked with whipped cream and fresh raspberries are sure to satisfy any fruit deficiency you’ve been suffering this winter. (via What Katie Ate)

19. Cotton Candy Meringues: A little on the unusual side, these cotton candy meringues are given taste using frosting flavor mix, which will turn them a lovely pastel blue! (via Cookies and Cups)

Do any of these recipes inspire you to whip up some meringue? Let us know in the comments below!

Kate Thorn

Kate Thorn is an illustrator, foodie, photographer, and blogger at Create & Kate. She loves creating art, traveling, and all things chocolate. A native to the Great Northwest, she is currently living in London and pretending to be a mature grad student.

Mad for Meringue: 19 Delicious Meringue Recipes (2024)


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