Start planning NOW for these MiLB promotions (2024)

Ninety Minor League Baseball teams open up Friday, joining the 30 Triple-A squads that kicked off the 2024 campaign on March 29. And with every Minor League season comes Minor League promotions, the vast array of theme nights and giveaways taking place on a nightly basis as supplements to the

Ninety Minor League Baseball teams open up Friday, joining the 30 Triple-A squads that kicked off the 2024 campaign on March 29. And with every Minor League season comes Minor League promotions, the vast array of theme nights and giveaways taking place on a nightly basis as supplements to the on-field action.

Here are some of the best Minor League promos taking place this season, a representative sampling as opposed to a definitive ranking. Dive in, and then make plans to visit your local Minor League ballpark to experience this sort of thing in person. Or, better yet, use our Minor League Ballpark Guides to plan a road trip. There's a lot going on, starting right now:

Rochester Moon Rocs vs. Lehigh Valley Space Pigs (Rochester Red Wings, April 5-7)
Rochester, N.Y., will be in the path of totality for the total solar eclipse April 8, and the Red Wings are hosting an all-caps SOLARPALOOZA so fans can experience the phenomenon at Frontier Field. This will be preceded by three ballgames with an interstellar theme: The Red Wings (the Nationals' Triple-A affiliate) will transform into the Moon Rocs, with the opposing Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Phillies) taking the field as the Space Pigs. Enjoy the action while partaking in a large number of themed concession specialties, such as Nebula Nachos and Meteorites Mac and Cheese.

Copa de la Diversión -- Back and bigger than ever
Minor League Baseball's most well-populated alternate identity subgenre is within the realm of Copa de la Diversión, a Minor League-wide program dedicated to engaging with and celebrating Hispanic fans. Ninety-eight teams are participating in Copa this season, including five making their debuts and three that have totally rebranded from a previous identity. Read about 2024's new additions here, and explore the entire roster of Copa teams here.

Regional food-themed identities remain a strong presence on promotional calendars as well. To whet your appetite, here are three debuting in 2024.

Wichita Chili Buns (Wichita Wind Surge, April 19-20)
In parts of the Midwest, including Wichita, it is acceptable and even encouraged to place a cinnamon bun directly atop a steaming bowl of chili. The Wind Surge are celebrating this sweet and savory combination for two games in April at Riverfront Stadium. The Double-A Twins affiliate will wear crimson jerseys featuring a Chili Buns wordmark that resembles classic diner signage. And speaking of diners...

Jersey Diners (Somerset Patriots, June 8/July 26/Aug. 11)
New Jersey claims the status of Diner Capital of the World and the Somerset Patriots are in the center of it all. The Double-A Yankees affiliate is suiting up as the Diners on three occasions this season, taking the field at TD Bank Ballpark in caps emblazoned with a smiling cup of joe. The comprehensive logo set also includes a baseball diamond-shaped stack of pancakes, State and Eggs (the meat resembles New Jersey) and an homage to the Happy Waitress sandwich (an open-faced grilled cheese with bacon and tomato).

Biloxi King Cakes (Biloxi Shuckers, May 11/June 15/June 30/Aug. 13)
Biloxi is home to Mississippi's longest-running Mardi Gras celebration, and the Brewers' Double-A affiliate is celebrating this distinction at MGM Park with the King Cakes identity. A carnival season staple, king cakes are colorful, customizable and made with a cinnamon roll-style dough. King Cakes are a spiritual successor to the New Orleans Baby Cakes, a now-defunct Triple-A team named after the baby figurine often hidden inside a king cake.

King cakes might wobble, but they don't bobble. For that, we'll travel to Central Pennsylvania.

Paul Skenes Bobblestache (and head) giveaway (Altoona Curve, April 13)
Paul Skenes, selected by the Pirates with the first overall pick of the 2023 Draft, has impressive stuff and an even more impressive mustache. Skenes pitched for the Double-A Curve last season, and his presence inspired the Pittsburgh affiliate to stage a "Great Mustaches of History" theme night on April 13. It will be highlighted by a Skenes figurine that features two bobbling appendages, both head and 'stache. Get in line now at Peoples Natural Gas Field.

Luisangel and Ronald Acuña Sr. dual bobblehead (Binghamton Rumble Ponies, June 16)
Seeing Ronald Acuña in a Mets uniform may seem odd at first, but the Acuña in question is Ronald Sr., who played for the Binghamton Mets in 2003-04. His son, Luisangel, took the field for Double-A Binghamton (now known as the Rumble Ponies) in 2023, making his Mets organizational debut after being traded from the Rangers in the Max Scherzer deal. Father and son will be honored in dual bobblehead form on June 16, when the Rumble Ponies also will wear Mets throwback uniforms at Mirabito Stadium.

Bobbleheads are a known commodity, but some giveaway items are boldly breaking new ground.

Hot dog-scented candle giveaway (Richmond Flying Squirrels, July 10)
Finally, you can bring the meaty aroma of the ballpark to the privacy of your home. The Double-A Giants affiliate's self-explanatory hot dog-scented candle will be given away at The Diamond on July 10, which, of course, is National Hot Dog Day. Light it up and enjoy the aroma.

We now move on from the weird to the uncategorizable:

Public Domain Night (Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, May 19)
The Marlins' Triple-A affiliate, desirous of not infringing on anyone's intellectual property, are hosting a theme night devoted to the public domain on May 19 at 121 Financial Ballpark. This salute to public-owned works of art is highlighted by a theme jersey featuring three immediately recognizable yet wholly unrelated entities: Steamboat Willie-era Mickey Mouse, King Kong and Van Gogh's "Starry Night." If you like these jerseys, feel free to create your own version.

This has all been a lot to take in, so let's conclude with nothing. Literally.

Nothing Night (various teams)
A promotional concept first conceived by the Lake Elsinore Storm, Nothing Night is an evening at the ballpark with minimal distractions. No videoboard displays, no PA announcements, no between-inning contests. In short, just baseball. The Storm (Single-A Padres) have rebranded their long-running Nothing Night, which this season is taking place on July 14, as Sensory Friendly Night. Other variations of the concept will be staged by the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Triple-A Phillies), Lynchburg Hillcats (Single-A Guardians), Inland Empire 66ers (Single-A Angels) and Louisville Bats (Triple-A Reds).

Benjamin Hill is a reporter for and writes Ben's Biz Blog. Follow Ben on Twitter @bensbiz.

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Start planning NOW for these MiLB promotions (2024)


How do you get scouted for Minor League Baseball? ›

Minor League Baseball teams don't hold open tryouts, and the path players take to reach the Minors (and the Majors) isn't always simple. Most players currently in the Minors or Majors were drafted or signed as free agents. Either way, they were all scouted and watched by someone along their journey to the pros.

Why do you think it is important for minor league teams to continue to engage in promotional activities? ›

In MiLB, the offering of a variety of different promotions and promotional activities is a key strategy for increasing attendance, especially among the casual fans of the sport.

Who are the Twins AAA affiliate? ›

The St. Paul Saints are a Minor League Baseball team of the International League and the Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

Can you try out for MiLB? ›

It is not possible to simply sign up to play for a Minor League team. Also, an individual Major League organization may schedule tryouts at the stadiums of its Minor League affiliates.

How hard is it to get into Minor League Baseball? ›

Since there is so much competition for minor league roster spots, you need some intangibles and some luck to have a chance. Left-handed pitchers, due to the relatively low number and the high demand in the major leagues, have a much better chance of being drafted than their right-handed counterparts.

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Results show that promotions have a positive effect on attendance. However, the type of promotion is significant: Different types of promotions have different effects on attendance. Bobblehead promotions are the most effective form of promotion, followed by giveaways, events, and coupons.

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The findings of this study indicate that having a promotion at a game increases attendance by about 1,532 fans. The findings also indicate that both the timing of a promotion and the type of promotion is important.

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  1. Search Engine Optimization. SEO builds a good foundation for the rest of our digital marketing strategies. ...
  2. Social Media. A main priority for MiLB marketing will be through social media. ...
  3. Paid Social Media. ...
  4. Local SEO. ...
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2022 marked Jim Pohlad's 39th season with the Minnesota Twins, owned by the Pohlad family since 1984.

Who are the Smokies MLB affiliate? ›

Located just east of Knoxville in Kodak, Tennessee, the Smokies are the AA minor league affiliate of the Chicago Cubs.

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Players who have graduated high school but not attended college are eligible for the draft, as are those who have completed at least one year of junior college.

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Santa Clara, CA$52,394$4,366
San Francisco, CA$50,039$4,169
Marysville, WA$49,440$4,120
San Jose, CA$48,492$4,041
6 more rows

What age do you get scouted for baseball? ›

What age do scouts look at baseball players? Coaches are going to begin looking at prospects as soon as they are physically developed enough to give a reliable estimation of how they will project as an 18- to 21-year-old player.

How do people become baseball scouts? ›

Becoming a professional baseball scout or coach/manager in Major League Baseball (MLB) typically involves a combination of education, playing experience, networking, and gaining practical experience in the field.

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  7. Reach out to coaches on your target list.
Jul 4, 2022


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